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Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN), established 2007 prides itself as a research driven nongovernmental organization. Unlike other civil society organizations, CMDN is dedicated entirely to promoting research in the country. With its team of energetic and highly motivated experts, CMDN is now recognized as the leading public health and wildlife research organization of the  country.


The Center for Molecular Dynamics (CMDN) is a service oriented non-profit making, and a non-governmental organization established in 2007 by dedicated Nepali biotechnologists, scientists, policy makers, medical personnel, program managers and academic leaders engaged in population, human development and environmental research programs in Nepal and outside. There is a need for sustained national leadership in Nepal where there is insufficient professional and institutional capacity to conduct epidemiological and related research, disease surveillance, policy analysis and expertise to design, manage and evaluate programs. CMDN strives to introduce appropriate and effective innovative approaches to address many of the challenges in the areas of epidemiological studies, disease surveillance, health research, environmental and biodiversity research and policy analysis. Realizing importance of conserving our natural resources, CMDN has also embarked on molecular conservation of the endangered species of flora and fauna in Nepal. It has initiated collaboration with various Institutions and stakeholders to facilitate such important efforts as Landscape genomics of major endangered species.

Legal Entity:

Center for Molecular Dynamics – Nepal (CMDN) is registered as a Non-profit Making and Non-Government Organization (NGO) under Kathmandu District Administrative Office (CDO) 2007 and Social Welfare Council (SWC) 2008 in the name of "Center for Molecular Dynamics –Nepal (CMDN)". Nepali and international experts and personnel, who are involved in various training, research and community development program in various I/NGOs, universities and GOs, support this institute.

Regd. No. 969
PAN No. 302834428
SWC No. 24292


We envision a Nepal where every individual has the information and will needed to effectively and efficiently live their life. And where every men, women and children at risk are protected early by safe, efficacious, and affordable diagnosis services and enjoy the charm of living. At the same time, we understand the importance of flora and fauna in our lives, and strive to carry out important conservation activities.


The mission of the CMDN is to build the individual and institutional capacity in Nepal to create strong, effective population and human development policies and programs. CMDN aims to carry out research activities both in laboratory and field to find answers to a number of human health and environment related issues and questions.  CMDN also seeks to develop cadres of highly trained and motivated professionals, service providers, academics and policy leaders, and to equip them to strengthen one another and the institutions they serve.


• To carry out epidemiological research (both laboratory and field) in areas such as-vaccination, population education, nutrition, SRHR, infectious diseases (Emphasis on HIV/AIDS, Japanese Encephalitis, STI, Hepatitis, Avian Influenza (H5N1), Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1),TB, Malaria as well as HPV to name a few)
• To carry out research in the area of wildlife conservation (plants and animals)
• To carry out collaborative research activities with national and international partners in all of the fields outlined above
• To hold various symposia, seminars, and workshop on population and epidemiological studies, disease surveillance trend and assessment, and wildlife conservation
• To execute necessary research and investigation on population and human development and recommend and provide proper technology to Government of Nepal, Donor Communities, NGOs and CBOs.
• To provide various trainings in the field of population and human development related to disease surveillance and epidemiological studies.
• Provide consultancy service on the management and operation of a plan to carry out of the population and human development as well as infectious diseases surveillance related programs.
• To operate programs pertaining to community health analysis, participation and health development, and provide consultancy service
• To produce informative and behavioral change communication materials related to diseases both for print and electronic media.
• To engage in control and prevention activities against prevalent communicable diseases in Nepal.
• To introduce innovative Information Communication Technology (ICT) and create comprehensive database system to provide updated information on population and human development to various organizations.

Partner Organizations of CMDN:

The organization works closely with Intrepid Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal), a biotechnology company to provide consultancy services in various country programs particularly in disease diagnosis, surveillance and training activities. We aspire to collaborate with government, private companies, INGOs NGOs, Universities and community level organizations in the future to implement at-scale disease surveillance, diagnosis, training, program implementation and evaluations. CMDN has a working Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC)/Ministry of Health and Population/Government of Nepal. CMDN has already established working relationship with Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD)/Ministry of Health and Population/Government of Nepal, Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA)-Nepal, BP Memorial Health Fund (BPMHF), National Health Foundation (NHF), Anandaban Leprosy Hospital as well as SAARC TB/HIV Hospital nationally. International partners include World Health Organization (WHO) Nepal, UNICEF Nepal, UNDP Nepal, Aga Khan University (Pakistan), Save the Children Nepal, Family Health International (FHI) Nepal as well as International Center for Diarrhoal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B).

CMDN also works closely with national and international organizations involved in wildlife (plants and animals) conservation in Nepal. CMDN has already established working relationship with Department of Plant Resources (DPR)/MoFSC, Nepal Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC)/MoFSC, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Institute of Forestry (Pokhara) and USAID Nepal among others. CMDN is also partnering High Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT)/ MoST to develop a national database of plants and wildlife in the country.

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Organizational Information

Contact Address:
Dr. Sameer Dixit (Country Director)
5th Floor, Swaraj Bhawan, Prasuti Griha Marg
Thapathali-11, Kathmandu
Phone: +977(0)1 -4101501

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