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Genomic based screening of major bacterial enteropathogens in human stool samples from areas of diarrhoeal outbreak in Western and Far Western Nepal 

*(submitted for publication, 2010, Intl J Infect Dis)
Dixit, S.*,1, Bhandari2, G.P., Karmacharya, D.B1, Shrestha, S.1, Manandhar, S.1, and Maskey, M.K.2
1Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal, Prasuti Griha Marg, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal
2Nepal Health Research Council, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal
* (author for correspondence)
Objectives: To carry out genomic screening of diarrhoeal outbreak samples for major pathogens using multiplex PCR
Materials and Methods:  A commercial multiplex PCR kit based bacterial enteropathogen screening assessment was carried out on 33 human stool samples from areas of a diarrhoeal outbreak in Nepal. A total of 10 pathogenic bacterial strains were targeted using primers provided by the manufacturer.
Results: due to IP issues, cannot be shown here
Conclusion: This first ever molecular screening study shows that bacterial screening is indeed possible in diarrhoeal samples. The results obtained from this study will enable monitoring of future such outbreaks using similar techniques.
Diarrhoea; Nepal; multiplex PCR; bacterial pathogens

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