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1. Epidemiological Study center

CMDN collects epidemiological data for a number of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis. Our experts in Epidemiology and Field Studies have extensive experience in this area of disease monitoring. We utilize bioinformatics tools to process all data pertaining to the diseases being monitored.

2. Training and Education Center

CMDN is not just about diagnostics and disease monitoring but also about training and educating students and researchers. Our experts in the field of Epidemiology, Molecular and Immunological methods, Bioinformatics, MIS, Medicine and Entrepreneurship will hold seminars, talk programs and other interaction programs aided by hands-on training as a teaching tool.

3. Research Collaboration Center

We strongly believe in accessing knowledge of scientists all over the globe. In order to provide the cutting edge technology, it is vital to have established contacts in each of our service fields. Our team already consists of national and international members, but we are constantly making new international contacts from different countries. CMDN experts also provide their expertise to different institutions in reciprocal exchange programs.

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