CMDN Intern

About Us

CMDN is a research driven non- governmental organization established in 2007. The areas of ourengagement are Wildlife Research, Public Health Research, One Health Research, and Biomedical Research. CMDN strives to look forward to exploring and introducing new cutting-edge technologies to address challenges in the areas of human and animal disease surveillance, environment and biodiversity research, epidemiological studies and health research.

Internship Program

The Internship Program was started with the aim to provide students (undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates) of all nationalities, an opportunity to gain work experience abroad. Over 300 national and international students have benefitted from our field and laboratory training and internship placing till date. Our internship program is an opportunity to learn the new culture, participate in community activities and get an ethnographic and culture exposure which could be a unique learning experience.

Our Approach

We believe that the ideal route for students to develop personally and professionally is through working experiences. By doing this, they will be challenged to apply their current skills in different situations, which will further advance them in their careers. We will give you a global perceptive in environment and biomedical/ health research and opportunities as you seek a competitive edge in achieving your career goals. CMDN values passionate, visionary, and ambitious individuals, of which whom have acquired high-quality academic knowledge.

Our Vision

We plan to connect with different universities with Asia and to become a milestone in the path of anyone that desires to gain work experience in Asia through an internship. We strive to connect with Foreign students, Nepali students and recent graduates so that they can benefit from the exposure of one another. On one side the applicant coming out of his/her comfort zone gaining real work experience and improving his skillset other than just his CV, this while exploring a new country or and familiarizing with a new culture. This is CMDN Vision and this is why our internships are not just internships but “internships with a purpose”.

your journey starts here.